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What Do You Know About The SATA Cables? USB Data Cable Features Introduced
Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Apr 01, 2016

Currently on the market there are many SATA line, the manufacturer claims that the factory has all kinds of high quality wire. Then there really is not the quality of it? What can be called a good it? So let STC to give you a brief explanation. I want to help. Thank you!

So far SATA cable manufacturers can produce very little. Up to no more than twelve. Customers generally feel that as long as can be bought on line. actually not. Some places worth attention. SATA line real sense it is a computer bus, the main function is used for data transmission of the motherboard and mass storage devices (such as hard disks and CD-ROM drive) between use. This is a completely different type of serial novel PATA hard disk interface, since the serial transmission of data named. SATA bus with embedded clock signal, with a stronger error correction capability than in the past the biggest difference is able to transmit commands (not just data) to check if they will automatically correct errors SATA, SATA cable on What do you know? This improves the reliability of data transmission to a large extent. Serial interface also has a simple structure, the advantages of hot-swappable. Spent hard-earned money did not buy the real thing indeed a very depressing thing. Therefore, it is recommended to buy under a clear understanding better.

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For the cell phone is concerned, it should have used the USB data line, in addition to mobile phones, it is also used to connect computers and communication with external devices. Overall, the data for transfer and charging.

USB is the most widely used application on the external bus standard PC field, a specification for a computer with an external device connection and communication, Plug and Play and hot swap function USB interface supports device. With the rapid development of computer hardware, USB applications increases the speed of data transfer between external devices and increase the speed for the greatest benefit is that users means that users can use to more efficient external device such as a scanner with USB 2.0, sweep a 4M pictures just 0.1 seconds or so, with the USB cable efficiency is greatly improved.

USB according to different interfaces and data lines, support equipment: mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner, camera, flash disk, MP3, mobile phones, digital cameras, mobile hard disk, external floppy drive light, USB card, ADSL Modem, Cable Mo Learn dUSB data line features introduced em and other electronic products.

There is no central control chip, the phone must be connected to the computer to recognize the line, the price is cheap. Typical Model Number: Samsung CDMA series, D500 series; Motorola E398 series, V3 series; Nokia DKU-2; NEC N720 series; Siemens 65 series and so on. With central control chip, the chip model 2303,2101,3116 ordinary unplugged the computer will recognize the phone line, due to the price of an IC is 10 yuan, so the price is higher than without the expensive IC. Data cable with chip works is USB to COM, converts USB interface to the serial port on the computer display. So USB data cable by recognized by the majority population.

Read the "How much do you understand about SATA cable? USB cable features introduced," I am sure the USB cable features introduced other issues have probably know, if you want to know USB3.0 AM TO BM data lines, and other related content, please pay attention to our follow-up news!

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