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What Are The Characteristics Of High-quality IDC Flat Cables?
Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Aug 18, 2016

IDC Flat Cable data transfer cable rules, line sequence, line color, line number, etc., for moving parts and activities within the region in accordance with the provisions of relevant industry standards, such as the computer's internal hard drive connected to the motherboard, optical drive data cable, mobile phone motherboard connector display data lines, as well as data cable connection between devices. Now STC manufacturers share high-quality gray cable What are the characteristics:

1,A high-quality gray cable assembly has a higher reliability and quality. Connecting cable reduces the required hardware, such as the commonly used joints, trunk, backplane traces and cables on a conventional electronic packaging, so that the cable assembly can provide higher reliability and quality. Because the traditional complex systems composed of a plurality of interconnected hardware during assembly, prone to a high rate of dislocation element. Marketing Manager of Ping.Wu EECX Electronic Products Division, said:. "Rigidity cable low, small size, it is precisely because of the smaller volume of cable board member, it will be less material to be used" as a quality project , a thickness of the thin flexible system is designed to be assembled in only one way, eliminating many common and independent cabling project related to human error.

2, high-quality gray cable has excellent electrical properties, dielectric properties, heat resistance. LT Electronic CEO, said: "low dielectric constant allows fast transfer of electrical signals; good thermal properties of the element is easy to cool; high glass transition temperature or melting point so that the element good run at higher temperatures.

3, the high-quality gray cable can move, bend, twist without damaging the wire, can comply with different shapes and special package size. Its only limitation is the volume of the space problem. Even within the system due to dynamic bending can withstand millions of times, the cable may be well suited for continuous or periodic motion movement, become part of the final product features. Solder heat effect of mechanical stress on rigid PCB, after hundreds of loops will fail. Product manager EECX of Jenny said: "The requirements of electrical / power move, and the shape factor / small package size of some of the products have benefited from the cable.

4, high-quality gray cable, small size, light weight, cable board was originally designed to replace the wire harness large volumes. In the current patch (cutting-edge) electronics mounting plate, cable usually meet the requirements of the miniaturization and mobile only solution. Cable (sometimes referred to as a flexible printed circuit) is a polymer on a substrate etching copper circuit or printed polymer thick film circuit. For thin and lightweight, compact and complex structure of the device, its design solutions ranging from single-sided conductive lines to complex three-dimensional multi-layer assembly. Total cable weight and volume than conventional round wire harnesses To be reduced by 70%. Cable or lining material may also be a method to increase its strength through the use of enhanced, in order to obtain additional mechanical stability.
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