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USB Type-C Makes VR Helmet Lighter And Thinner?
Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Feb 25, 2017

With  Apple released a new MacBook equipped with USB Type-C interface, more  and more smart phones began to use USB Type-C interface. ZYK  Z1, Huawei P9 series, ZTE AXON secret machine MAX, a plus mobile phone  2, Jin Li S8, Meizu Pro 6S / 5 and other major brands, such as the new  mobile phone series, millet series, Moto Z / M, LG G5, Jin Li M5 Plus,  ZUK Z1, Huawei P9 series Flagship models are beginning to use Type-C interface, USB Type-C trend has become.

USB  Type-C with the current hottest VR relationship? HTC VIVE, for example,  high-end and cable complex, experience good, expensive, convenient and  poor, drag line is also more Shen. Although HTC launched a wireless version of VIVE, but because of high transmission speed, there may be interference problems. While USB Type-C is likely to solve this problem. The  USB Type-C interface simplifies and extends the PC VR, simplifies the  connection of the VR helmet to the PC, and eliminates the need for  multiple lines such as the HDMI interface and USB, and a single line can  be used, said Hu Weining, Semiconductor product manager at Analogix  Semiconductor. Taking  into account the transmission of video signals, data signals and  charging, and can provide higher resolution and faster transmission  speed, the best thing is that they can also interoperability. For example, some mainstream mobile phone manufacturers using  DisplayPort Type-C VR helmet, you can receive the LG G5 mobile phone  use.

Music watch VR helmet

Based  on some of the current hardware restrictions, VR helmet want to achieve  a certain distance from the wireless, such as technology is not mature  enough, power requirements can not meet the requirements. And  with a smart phone, through the USB Type-C interface to connect the VR  helmet will be faster popular program, because the phone is very  popular, the corresponding VR helmet price cheaper, portability is also  high. At present, mainstream mobile phone manufacturers and Silicon Valley  digital model research and development, the corresponding products may  be in 2017 to market.

In  the future, in the VR field, the USB Type-C interface may also have  industry-standard support for VR applications, including DP1.4 with HBR3  (8.1Gbps) and DSC Compression, which can support refresh rates up to  120Hz Monocular 3K * 3K resolution, the next 4K resolution can be achieved.

USB  Type-C interface is certainly a trend in the future of smart phones,  and for VR \ AR equipment, Hu Weining think also need to correspond to  the phone side, it is certainly also use USB Type-C interface. To  connect the phone's VR helmet, for example, VR helmet itself can be a  simple processor + PCB + screen, you can also use the phone through the  USB Type-C for the helmet power supply, so the design does not need to  consider the battery weight, so the weight will be relatively light The

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