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USB Positive And Negative
Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Sep 05, 2016

USB is an external bus standard, a specification for computer and external devices to connect and communicate. USB interface supports Plug and Play devices and hot-swap capability. USB interface can be used to connect up to 127 peripherals, such as mice, modems, and keyboards. USB  is the end of 1994 by Intel, Compaq, IBM, Microsoft and other companies  jointly proposed, since its introduction in 1996, has been successfully  replaced serial and parallel ports, and become a large number of  personal computers and smart devices must be equipped with an interface  of one. From November 11, 1994 issued a later version USB V0.7, USB version  has gone through years of development, it has now developed into version  3.0.

usb positive and negative Improvement

Since the IPAD can not use an ordinary USB charger because the charger needed to reach 5.1V 2A power can.

Recently did a USB charger in parallel, that is, with an output  parameter for the 5V 3A power adapter, connected to a USB port on a  logarithmic circuit connected in parallel, so that you can charge the  device while giving several.

IPAD can do a good job and to simultaneously charge two mobile phones. The control circuit so that no feeling a little insecure.

We want to make some improvements:

1, USB interface to automatic polarity protection. And all USB interface to work without disturbing each other

2, when you insert a USB device, color conversion interface has LED indication. (Eg normal standby display green, red insert, faulty flashing and automatically disconnect protective equipment)

2, automatically assign the appropriate interface device according to the current and voltage. (This improvement can be ignored)

3,  the interface is compatible with all USB data transfer (ie a hub, but  do not know ready 2.0hub USB interface with positive and negative  polarity power supply 5V3A docking feasible)

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