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Type-C Interface Electrostatic Protection Device Should Be How To Choose?
Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: May 17, 2017

Type-C is USB3.1 standard under a new interface. As  the latest USB specification, the USB3.1 specification, which is  launched by major companies such as Intel, will increase data transfer  speeds to 10Gbps, and the new technology also uses a more efficient data  encoding system and provides effective data throughput, Compatible with existing USB connectors and cables.

Left Angle USB 3.1 Type C to USB 3.0 Type A Male to Female OTG Data Connector Cable Adapter.png

The  Type-C interface supports plug-and-play and hot-swapping, so the level  of static protection must be high. The ESD protection device should have  the advantages of fast response, low capacitance, small size, low  package and low voltage The

At  present, almost all of the USB interface will be applied to the  electrostatic protection devices, FAE engineers are the most basic to  master the protection of electronic products, circuit protection device  works and selection points and so on. Circuit  protection device selection is not troublesome, understand the  protection requirements of the product, the protection level will be  able to know is to choose discharge tube, TVS diode, varistor or PTC  self-recovery fuse, ESD ESD, followed by follow the various circuit  protection The selection principle of the device and the working voltage, current and other factors to determine the final model can be.

Type-C  interface electrostatic protection device product selection ultimately  based on the specific needs of customers choose the appropriate ESD  model. The following two principles are required when selecting and providing an electrostatic protection device solution:
1, Vdrw ≥ circuit on the operating voltage
2,  according to the application port, the protection level selection patch  pressure or diode, according to the transmission frequency to select  the capacitance value, the higher the frequency, the device will have  the lower the value, too much value is likely to cause signal packet  loss, Own needs to choose the most suitable ESD.

ESD-type ESD protection devices on the Type-C interface must meet the following three requirements:
1, ESD protection components of the parasitic capacitance itself must  be small, so as to ensure that data transmission is not packet loss,  does not affect the Type-C interface transmission rate;
2, the protective components of the ESD tolerance must be high, at  least to withstand the IEC 61000-4-2 contact mode 8kV ESD bombardment.
3,  is also the most important requirement that the protective components  provided during the ESD event must have a low enough to suppress the  transmission data

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