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Transmission Speed So Slow, I Must Have Bought A Fake Type-C?
Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Mar 16, 2017

Type-C interface has been  on the market for more than two years, the major mobile phone  manufacturers have also started in their own flagship machine to use, so  we should not be strange on the Type-C interface. Type-C  supports positive and negative support consumers no longer have to  distinguish between positive and negative before each use, it can  provide up to 100W power supply, up to 10Gbps transfer rate,  transmission of audio and video signals. It is  particularly worth mentioning that Type-C power transmission is two-way,  that is, Type-C is a can be applied to the PC can also be applied to  the external device interface type, which is epoch-making, have to say ,  Type-C does have a lot of what we can see the advantages, so rivers and  lakes rumors Type-C is expected to interface is also reasonable.

USB 2.0 Type C (USB-C) to Type A (USB-A) Cable.png

Type-C  of the many advantages of the most popular concern should be the high  transmission rate, up to 10Gbps, but many consumers buy the market known  as the speed of the Type-C equipment, but did not enjoy up to 10Gbps Transmission rate, which makes a lot of consumers dumbfounded, and doubt that they are not buying a false Type-C equipment.

In  fact, consumers are so psychological is not the other reason, but  because the current Type-C interface standard is still chaotic, coupled  with business ambiguous propaganda effect, it will allow consumers to  Type-C interface more confused The In  fact, the main reason for this misunderstanding is that Type-C and  USB3.1 is not a thing, and more precisely this is a two different  definitions of the term. Even  if your device using Type-C speed is not necessarily fast, have to see  it using the transmission protocol is USB2.0 or USB3.0 / USB3.1. According  to this theory, if you buy a Type-C mobile phone found that the  transmission speed or charging speed is very slow, then you may really  buy false Type-C, and this is not to say that your type-C interface is  fake and shoddy Product, but the Type-C using the transmission protocol is not really USB3.1 this speed legend of the agreement. 【USB Type-C standard chaos to be unified specification】

In  fact, the Type-C has a version of the distinction, the 2015 USB-IF  Association will be the original USB3.0 renamed USB3.1 Gen1, the speed  is still 5Gbps; and the new USB3.1 standard changed its name to USB3.1  Gen2 , This is 10Gbps version of the standard. And now the market type-C more or GEN1 first generation; speed bottleneck in the 5Gb / s. But the relative speed of the old USB or a great upgrade.


The final direction of  the USB interface must go to USB Type-C / USB3.1 Gen2, but the  popularity of a new standard new interface always takes years, so we  will be in the next few years The face of the old and new standard coexistence of the chaotic scenes. So  we buy Type-C equipment must see whether it is USB2.0, USB3.1 Gen1 or  USB3.1 Gen2 protocol, so that it will not buy false Type-C equipment.

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