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The Quiescent Current Of The USB Type-C Have Any Effect
Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Mar 31, 2016

The quiescent current of the USB Type-C have any effect

After carrying USB Type-C interface, notebook computers, smart phones and tablets launched, USB Type-C has become a hot topic; on these devices can be used for both charging, but also for connecting peripherals Type-C Interface .

This change increased for the Type-C AC / DC charger and charging demand treasure, because Type-C connector has a user-friendly reversible function. The more important point is, Type-C charger and charging treasure generally applicable to multiple laptops, smart phones, tablet computers and other electronic equipment more

Interestingly, these chargers and charging treasure configurations to their previous generation Type-A and not much different. However, some designers have charger might overlook a key point, and that is due to the additional Type-C circuit, Type-C connector will require additional power. And it's not just the era of USB2.0 D + / D- connection.

Type-C need to configure the channel (CC) detects the direction of the plug pins, determine the purpose of the port is connected, and when you need a higher output voltage build additional power transmission (PD) communications. These additional features require a more complex integrated circuits (IC), which will naturally consume more current. At present, there are many Type-C solution is based on a microcontroller (MCU) core, and will consume a higher quiescent current (IQ), the current is usually in the range of milliamps.

However, the additional current consumption will have a negative impact on the standby power consumption, and for the latest power efficiency conduct AC / DC adapter (CoC) Class II version 5 provides less than 75mW standby power consumption - this is not a band easy to achieve. Furthermore, if the charging Po contains Type-C control circuit, the current generated outside even in the absence of possible practical use batteries run out.

Advanced downstream ports (DFP) controller design will achieve a lower IQ as a major design goal. This type of design will be optimized to the current consumption in the mA range. For example, TPS25810 Type-C DFP controller when no device is connected to the current consumption of less than 0.7μA (typ). This helps to make the AC / DC adapter efficiency in line with the required efficiency standards, and to ensure that a charged Bao has a longer retention time.

Since Advanced USB Type-C controller design uses a low IQ, AC / DC charger designers without additional control circuitry consistent with standby power requirements. The use of low IQ controller charging treasure can effectively prolong their charge retention time, so as to provide a better experience.

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