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Short USB 2.0 To Micro USB Cable Black
Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Jun 12, 2018

We build new mould and new USB2.0 wire to make a short cable to our brank customer from Brazil. The customer will use this short Micro USB2.0 cable to charge the Powerbank. Here is our test report with this short cable, we use 22AWG wire to make charge fast.

1. SHORT CABLE EASY FOR CARRING, Cable is triple shielded, Very durable and high speed data transferring guaranty. Twisted Pair twisted shielded by Alum-Mylar, plug 100% Tin-copper braiding shielding.
2. HIGH SPEED TESTED, Support Sync data at 480 Mpbs. Charge Android and Windows smart phones, tablets & MP3 players, digital cameras / camcorders & more.
3. Save charge times up to 9% faster than most standard alternatives and 480Mbps data transfer via USB 2.0 (backwards compatible.

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