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SATA (7+6 Pin) Male To 7Pin SATA Male And 4Pin 5V-12 V Molex Cable
Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Jun 14, 2018

We recieved the SATA 13pin to LP 4pin Molex and SATA 7pin cable from our USA customer at early of this month. Now 1000pcs SATA cables were finished, we are in packaging and get ready ship out today.

This standard sata cable can be used for all slimline SATA drive with single power that can be put into any standard 4pin 5V molex connector and sata data connector cable !

Contacts: (1) 7 pin male, (1) 7+6 pin male, (1) 4 pin 5 V Molex power connection; gold-plated
Cable: shielded with thermal plastic casing and molded PVC overmold

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