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Outdoor LED Display IDC Flat Cable
Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Aug 18, 2016

Networking era, more and more pictures and video outdoor advertising, outdoor dynamic information needed to play, which is a traditional billboard printing can not be achieved, only outdoor LED display can better achieve these functions.

Thus, while the outdoor LED display power consumption, we can not do, only to find ways to save power.

So, how to power outdoor LED display? Expert advice within the industry, the following recommendations are given several aspects:
1. The overall circuit design science programs to reduce the power consumption of the internal circuits; internal (conventional outdoor LED display LED display cable, power line LED display, LED display power base, PCB board, LED display socket , LED lamp beads ....... etc., are inseparable from many electrical products, LED products must also be scientific overall circuit layout and wire material selection, the length of the planning are to be taken into account in)
2. Using high-efficiency switching power supply, greatly enhance the power conversion efficiency;
3. Make the body of the screen is excellent thermal design to reduce fan power consumption;
4. High luminous efficiency LED, light-emitting chips do not cut corners;
5. The changes in the external environment and automatically adjust the outdoor LED display brightness.

STC Cable As a professional outdoor LED display cable manufacturers to share, through the above measures that 5:00, can greatly reduce the power consumption of the outdoor LED display. At the same time, improved efficiency, reduced heat hair, but also make long-term use of outdoor LED display light fades relatively small.

STC is the production of LED display cable manufacturers, the price and quality have great advantages!

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