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Lines For Security And Protection
Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Jan 28, 2016

1. cables lines cross each other when, under thehigh voltage cable low voltage cable. If one of the cables before and after intersections withinthe 1M tube protection or when using partitions,0.25m is the minimum allowed distance.
2. cables and pipelines close to or cross, such as thermal insulation, parallel and cross theminimum distances are 0.5M and 0.25mrespectively.
3. cable railway or road to cross dress tubeprotection protection tube out of the track orthe road outside of the 2m.
4. the distance between cables and buildingfoundations, should ensure the cables laid onthe apron outside the building; cables into thebuilding wearing tube protection protection pipeshould exceed the apron outside the building.
5. directly in the ground cables and groundingdevice for grounding should be apart 0.25~0.5M;direct buried cable burial depths, generally notless than 0.7m, and buried under the permafrost.
Protection measures

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