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Data Lines Are Long Or Short, Who You Prefer?
Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Sep 05, 2016

In this era of mobile Internet, mobile phones almost everyone has one. Compared to traditional phones, smart phones touch more popular young people, because it is more stylish and convenient, but also have more exciting interactive features. However, the power consumption of smart phones is amazing! For convenience, many people give their love machine is equipped with two or more data lines. Now the market data line is very diverse types of specifications, different brands, shapes, colors, even in the even length is also different. 0.2m, 0.5m, 1m, 1.2m ...... so many different lengths of data lines, everyone is how to choose? And their effect the same?

    Some people say that if you want the faster charging, do not choose too long data lines should be as short as possible. That is not so?
    In theory, if the data line of the material is the same, in the same environment, the shorter the cable, the charge rate will be faster because of the shorter length, the smaller the resistance; on the contrary, the data line is longer, the greater the resistance, the charge rate will be slower. But we also do not need to rush to buy short data lines, because, according to the length of the experiment stakeholders, data lines can affect the charging speed, but the difference is not significant; focus on charging speed friends, buy data cable, connector , wire material and other factors should also be considered as one.
    About the length of the data line, factory design consideration in addition to the charge transfer speed, but also in order to allow users to more easily use in different occasions. For example, we use the most is the public 1m specifications, can basically meet our daily use; if we need to connect the charging or charging treasure notebook, 0.2-0.5m short-term money is more likely to carry and easy to use; there are 2m or more the longer section, generally used for driving, bedroom and remote charging ......

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