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Cable Storage Method
Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Jan 28, 2016

Cable if you want to long-term storage,according to the placement of the cable, thefollowing considerations should be made:
1, under the eaves. Cables do not expose todirect sunlight or very high temperatures,standard LAN cables can apply recommendedpiping.
2, outside the wall. Avoid direct sunlight wallsand artificial damage.
3, pipes (plastic or metal). In the pipeline,attention to thermal conductivity of metal pipeand plastic pipe damage.
4, loft/aerial cables. Cable SAG and pressure,binding is used, the cables are being directrays of the Sun.
5, directly in the cable trench in the ground-laying, this environment is the least control.Cable installation to be dry or moist level ofchecks are conducted regularly.
6, underground pipes. In order to facilitatefuture upgrades, and surface pressure insulatedcable replaced, auxiliary setting pipelineisolated auxiliary set pipe is a better method.But don't hope for the pipelines will alwayskeep dry, this will affect the selection ofcable types.

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