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Cable Selection Tips
Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Jan 28, 2016

General principles

Cables of rated voltages equal to or greater than the rated voltage of the network, themaximum operating voltages must not exceed therated voltage of the cable 15%. Except you want to move or vibrate violent outside the premisesand copper cables, normally made of aluminumconductor cable. Laying of cable should be usedin the cable structure bare armored cable orbare plastic sheathed cables with aluminumcladding. Direct-buried cable sheath armoredcable or bare plastic sheathed cables withaluminum cladding. Mobile machinery used forheavy-duty rubber jacketed cable. Corrosivesoils are generally not used in ground orspecial coating of cable should be used. Placein a corrosive medium, it shall take theappropriate cable sheath. Vertical, or greatheight difference at the laying of cables, nottrickle cable should be used. Should not be usedwhen environmental temperatures of more than 40℃ rubber insulated cables.

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