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Cable Quality Identification
Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Jan 28, 2016

In new homes, the country had ordered the copperwire should be used. But equally the copperwires, also have poor-quality copper wire,copper conductor selection of recycled copper,containing many impurity, some poor-qualitycopper conductors for electrical conductivitythan the wire, easily causing electricalaccidents. Wire many varieties on the market,specifications, prices, consumers pick is verydifficult. Home decoration used in 2.5 mm and 4mm for the price of two copper wire, a line ofthe same specification, because differentmanufacturers, price may vary 20%~30%. As to thequality, length is reaching consumers is even more difficult to determine.According to industry sources: cable prices vary widely, is caused by different raw materialsused in the production process. Production ofwire and the main raw material is copper,insulation and sheathing material. Electrolyticcopper on the market of raw materials at around50,000 yuan per ton, only 40,000 yuan per tonand recycled copper is about insulation andsheathing products price 8000 RMB ~10000 Yuanper ton, and defective products price only 4000RMB ~5000 Yuan per ton, and post more disparity.In addition, the inadequate length, gutta enoughinsulation, are also important causes of pricedifferences. Length of each line, grade is 100metres, and rejects only about 90 meters; guttaclassy 35%~40% insulators, and defective goodsis only 15%. By contrast, the consumer is notdifficult to see the finished product wire pricedifference is due to the material exists on theissue

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