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A Bright Future For China's Cable Industry
Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Jan 28, 2016

Wire and cable known as the national economy"artery" and "nerve", is the transmission,transmission of information and in themanufacture of electrical machinery, apparatus,instruments, indispensable basic electromagneticenergy conversion equipment, is the basis ofelectrification, necessary in the informationsociety of the future product.
Cable industry
Wire and cable industry is second only to theauto industry's second-largest industry, productsatisfaction and market share of more than 90%.In the context of the world, China's wire andcable output value has exceeded the United States, as the world's largest electric wire andcable producer. Along with China's wire andcable industry rapid development and risingnumber of new enterprises, the overall level ofincrease.
Champ cattle consultants industry analyst XiaoHui said: from the level of development of thewhole industry, cable industry concentration islow, the technology spread, low technologycontent. Instead, because Europe and Japanalready high due to the degree ofindustrialization, infrastructure improvement,high levels of urbanization, economic growth isslow, and the cable industry, after hundreds ofyears of history, with the development ofeconomic integration, market competition is veryfierce, polarization evident in the industry,market concentration is high. The above facts,determines China's cable industry competition in the internal market.
Small wire and cable enterprises in China hasreached more than more than 9,800. Due to lackof research and development capabilities ofthese enterprises, most of them at the low endstruggling. Therefore, the prices for many small and medium enterprises competitive weapon.Because wires and cables are typically heavy,light industry, raw material costs were abouttotal cost of 80%. Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of raw materials to a largeextent, affect the quality of wire and cableproducts. Small business is able to provide low-priced products, are plays on raw materials, thequality of the product, in recent times pricerecovery in case of metallic materials, and someshoddy behavior occurs.

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