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Wire and cable uses materials analysis

Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Jan 28, 2016

In a sense, wire and cable manufacturingindustry is an industry of materials, finishingand Assembly. A is material dosage huge, cable products in the of material costs to accounted for manufacturing total cost of result; II is by with material of category, and varieties very more, performance requirements special high, as conductor with copper, requirements copper of purity to in 99.95% above, some products to used no oxygen high pure copper; three is material of selection will on manufacturing process, and products of performance and using life up to decisive of effect.
Meanwhile, benefits of wire and cablemanufacturers and material selection, processingand production management scientific savingmaterials are closely related.
Therefore, in the design of wire and cableproducts must be carried out simultaneously withthe selection of materials, usually use severalmaterials, determined by filter technology andperformance test.
Cable materials according to their position andfunction, can be divided into electrically conductive material, insulation material, fillermaterial, shielding and sheathing material and so on. But some of the material is General ofseveral structural components. Particularlythermoplastic materials, such as PVC,polyethylene and other changes part of recipeingredients can be used in insulation or jacketon.
Cable products manufacture of the materialsinvolved in a wide range of categories, thevariety specification (grade) is particularlyhigh.


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