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Why does Microsoft Surface Laptop not use the Type-C interface?

Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: May 17, 2017

Now the digital  electronic equipment market, Type-C interface has become the mainstream,  no distinction between positive and negative can also have a faster  transmission speed. In all digital electronic  equipment manufacturers are respected the use of Type-C interface,  Microsoft has just released the Surface Laptop did not use Type-C  interface, which is why the reasons why Microsoft does not use Type-C  interface?


Surface Engineering  Director Pete Kyriacou explained: Not that we completely ignore the  Type-C interface solution, but for Microsoft, the Surface Connect port  is still a balanced charge and expansion of the better program. The  magnetic attachment scheme is very powerful, and in the highest  extended scenario the port can connect four USB ports, Gigabit Ethernet  ports, battery charging, and two external displays.


In addition,  Kyriacou also said that the current Type-C technology is not very  stable, blindly use Type-C notebook is meaningless, people should pay  more attention to the product itself rather than useless Type-C  interface. On the current situation, Microsoft  believes that Type-C interface is not suitable for Surface, so still use  the Surface Connect port to enhance consumer satisfaction.

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