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What is the difference with SATA, SATA2, ESATA three interface data cable ?

Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Jun 14, 2016

E-SATA technology is not new - it's called external SATA II specification is an industry standard interface extends Serial ATA (SATA) is. Note E-SATA is merely an extension of the SATA interface is used to connect an external rather than internal SATA devices. Simply put, it is through E-SATA technology, so that the external I / O interface SATA2 features, such as having a E-SATA port, you can easily SATA2 hard disk into the E-SATA interface without opening the case to replace the SATA2 hard disk.

SATA and SATA2, no difference in the socket, but the transmission rate, the former 150MB / S, which is 300MB / S, faster

SATA2 hard disk interface can be backward compatible with previous generation, but the transmission rate will only go to the generation level

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