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What is the difference SATA2.0 and SATA3.0 hard disk cable?

Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Jul 18, 2017

SATA2.0  and SATA3.0 the appearance of the cable above do not see any big  difference, different manufacturers of cable may be in the color and  cable above the logo above the cable specifications to support the  SATA2.0 Or  SATA3.0, but whether it is SATA2.0 cable used in SATA3.0 hard drive and  motherboard, or SATA3.0 cable used in SATA2.0 hard drive and the  motherboard can be common between, not There will be any compatibility issues on the specifications.

However,  if the hard disk and motherboards are SATA3.0 support equipment  standards, but with the SATA2.0 cable is the actual effect may also be  SATA2.0 standard, so if the use of the motherboard SATA3.0 interface and SATA3.0 hard drive, then the proposed cable to  use SATA3.0 cable, the general support SATA3.0 motherboard accessories  will have SATA3.0 cable.

SATA2.0  and SATA3.0 difference is that the new interface transmission  standards, not a different interface specifications, the two interfaces  are compatible with each other, mainly logical differences, for the  performance of the upgrade, or depends on the hard disk itself and the  motherboard Performance  to decide, the theory to enhance a lot, but the actual application is  generally no mechanical hard disk and solid-state hard drive so obvious  difference.

The theoretical  SATA2.0 interface speed is 150MB / s, and SATA3.0 interface rate: 300MB /  s, another measure of a hard disk performance parameters and cache  capacity. Generally have 8MB, 16MB, 32MB and 64MB points. But theoretically marked the interface rate in the actual use of which there is no obvious feeling.

SATA2.0 hard drive maximum read speed up to 125.0MB / s, the maximum write speed of 99.1MB / s. SATA3.0 hard disk average read and write speed of 118MB / S and 99.4MB / S. Through  the test we can see SATA2.0 hard drive and SATA3.0 hard drive, read and  write speed difference is not obvious, only the sudden speed SATA3.0  hard drive ahead more in the actual data copy SATA3.0 More leading.

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