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The practical application of electronic wire

Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Jun 24, 2017

From  the electronics industry point of view, is already the core industry,  the global economy is not very good circumstances, emerging markets will  lead to downstream demand, if it is prudent capital expenditure and  gradually improve the industry indicators are the electronics industry  will not have too much Of the floating, and will continue to maintain the effect of sustained growth. Now the rise of custom services, a variety of television is also into  the people's attention, because the customization of such words people  are no stranger to, and many operators and electronic wire processing  manufacturers began a successful custom cooperation between.

Combined  with the global electronic wire processing industry operating  conditions and the competitiveness of domestic listed companies  analysis, we from the new market, new technology point of view, focus on  the selection of local industry chain support domestic demand  enterprises and to avoid low-cost competition with Taiwan  technology-driven Enterprises,  so investors are best concerned about the operation of various  manufacturers, display device industry BOE and Leybold Transtech  Services, semiconductor materials industry, Central shares, IC packaging  and testing industry's long power technology, the connector industry in  the photoelectric and electronics, Power  transistor industry, China Microelectronics, RFID industry, far from  the valley, are able to represent the entire industry, the application  of electronic lines of practical problems


1, data cables. With a connection is usually connected to the computer's USB port and the phone side of the cable. Download or upload files. Ringtones, pictures and so on. If the phone has a drive disk, you need to install the driver.
2, infrared. Refers to the two phones need to have both infrared function. Can be aligned with each other infrared interface to transfer files.
3,  Bluetooth, this is a short distance wireless transmission, you can also  have a Bluetooth device computer and mobile phone, short distance  search and transmission. Incomplete electronic  lines, using Bluetooth headset for wireless calls often see the  classification is USB interface type, HDMI interface type, VGA interface  type, DVI interface type.
In the field of home  appliances, today's online shopping is particularly prosperous,  consumers design their favorite TV, which is the first electrical  appliances. Haier Group launched the brand and the Casa  brand after the third home appliance brand, commander electrical  positioning is the Internet era of the first home appliance custom  brand. Because of this ideological guidance, electrical  appliances to increase efforts and electronic wire industry cooperation,  in full accordance with the design of manufacturing, in order to create  a suitable product for consumers

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