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The life of non-standard, national standard wires and cables

Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Jan 28, 2016

GB wire and cable with non-standard scene knew the life of wire and cable, is the standard length of wire and cable, but GB cables to how long how long? On this issue, and give you detailed explanation under analysis.
GB wire cable of using life and using environment also has very close of relationship, even GB line cable of quality are reached national requirements of standard, but in bad environment Xia also will with of environment of degree reduced corresponding of life, General GB cable of life: like YJV cable or YJV22 armored loaded to buried cable, in air laying also is in to buried laying life will in 10-30 years, certainly to buried cable, and overhead cable outside if has pipeline, and Bridge frame like of protection measures, life also will with of added long.
Non-standard cables and wires in the wire that will have gaps, first wire not pure enough, not up to national standards. Using poor quality copper wire will significantly reduce the cost, the diameter of the wire must be less than (under). Once users will "overload", life will be greatly reduced. Outer Insulation up to standards, anti-easier aging decreases skin breakdown, life within just a few years.
Standard wires and cables while the price a bit expensive, but long-term use is very easy and taxin. Non-standard cables harm, the price is cheap, but is the fire an accident.

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