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The difference between the USB data cable and the USB charging cable

Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Jul 13, 2017

USB data cable the role of the wire:
Red line: Positive power supply (marked on line: + 5V or VCC)
White line: Negative voltage data line (identified as: Data- or USB Port -)
Green line: Positive voltage data line (identified as: Data + or USB Port +)
Black line: ground (identified as: GROUND or GND).
Of  course, the color of the wire is only in the stripping of the data line  or the outer side of the charging line when the glue can see.

When the observation of  the USB head facing their own, there are touch that side up, from left  to right, those touch the corresponding line of the corresponding  functions are: ground wire (or should be said: then zero line, then  black wire), read data Line (signal outlet, then green  wire), write data cable (signal into the line, then white wire), +5 V  line (power positive, then red wire).
In  general, in order to save costs, the charging line eliminates the middle  of the two lines, that is, to save the read data lines and write data  lines (green and white lines), there is no data read and write capabilities, can only charge.
Also caused, the data line can be charged, the charging line is not necessarily when the data line to make.


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