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Talking about Data cable Classification Knowledge

Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Apr 06, 2017

Data  lines from different aspects can be divided into different classes, the  classification of the data line that we all know, but that all the  words, it is unlikely that the bar Here we talk about the three aspects of the data line classification.

From the manufacturers to categories: original original; domestic brands; domestic unlicensed.

Original factory: by the mobile phone manufacturer direct production,  or provide a commission commissioned by a manufacturer OEM, the above  marked mobile phone brand, the best quality, the most expensive price.

Domestic  brands: the data line has its own brand, in addition to the packaging  printed on the manufacturer's address and telephone, more formal, good  quality, low prices. Such mobile phone data lines are not many domestic mobile phone data lines are generally unlicensed. No license: no logo manufacturers and brands. This  kind of data lines are divided into two categories, the first is the  professional export data lines, foreigners do not need to paste the  Chinese brand, this line quality is clearance, the price is still lower  than the domestic brand line, the highest cost; the second is the brand , The price is very low, the quality is very poor, we must be careful to buy, please choose to reputable vendors to buy there.

From the interface to points, can be divided into COM interface and USB interface.

COM interface is also called the serial port, is connected to the desktop computer behind, is currently being eliminated. Advantages  are low prices, support Brush; drawback is extremely difficult to pull,  do not support the laptop, the transmission speed is relatively slow. USB interface is the current mainstream, the advantage is convenient  and fast and stable, support all models of the computer; the  disadvantage is that the price is slightly higher with the IC, the other  part of the data line does not support brush machine function.

USB interface data cable classification: without IC; with IC; special chip.

Without IC: no central control chip, you must plug in the phone computer line, cheap. Special chips: non-ordinary popular chip, dedicated special models such as: DKU-5, CA-42, DCU-11 and so on.

With  IC: with the central control chip, the general model of the chip  2303,2101,3116, do not have to plug the computer will be approved line,  because the price of an IC is 10 yuan, so the price is more expensive  than without IC. The working principle of the data line with the chip is USB to COM, the USB interface into a serial port on the computer display.

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