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SATA data cable how to distinguish between good and bad

Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Mar 29, 2017
Source: SATA data cable how to distinguish between good and bad

There are two  SATA data cables, the first one reads "30AWG E173433-P AWMSTYEE 2725 80 ℃  30V VW-1 COMAX", the second root says "AWM E174881 STYLE 21149 30V 80 ℃  VW-1 26AWG TECHPOINT" What is the meaning of the text? Which data cable is good?


AWG (American  Wire Gauge) for the United States wire gauge, is a distinction between  the wire diameter standard, AWG in front of the value (such as 26AWG,  28AWG) that the final diameter of the wire before the number of  stretching holes, the greater the value, After the  drawing of the more empty, the smaller the diameter of the wire, on the  contrary, AWG value also means that the thicker the diameter of the  wire. If the single from the two SATA lines marked AWG value to determine the second data line is relatively better.

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