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SATA data and power interface definitions Explanation

Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Jun 14, 2016

SATA is the Serial ATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment), also known as Serial ATA, by Intel, IBM, Dell, APT, Maxtor and Seagate hard disk presented jointly interface specification.

 This paper focuses forth SATA data cable and power cord connector pin definitions, and to connect SATA hard disk as an example.

1, SATA data interface and power interface

The figure is a data cable (SATA), power cable (POWER) and hard disk interface schematic

The figure is the data cable, power cable and hard disk interface physical map

The figure is a SATA data cable (7-pin) data interface corresponding to the hard disk (7-pin) Close

The figure is SATAS data line (female port) Close-up, (the interface port on the hard drive become public)

2.the data interface (7-pin) defined

3, the power connector (15-pin) defined

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