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SATA connectors

Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

SATA connector function

2 SATA connector market situation

3 SATA connector applications

4 SATA connector development trend

Features  of the 1 SATA Connector The SATA connector provides a number of benefits  in terms of power consumption, ease of installation, hot plug support,  internal cooling, and drive configuration. High-capacity,  high-level protection and ease of use.As the storage industry from the  parallel interface to the serial interface technology transition, the  latest desktop PC, mobile PC, mobile phone, Storage devices and some server applications I / O interfaces are beginning to change to serial technology. According  to market analysts, the overall serial ATA / SATA connector sales,  including connectors, sockets and cables, are expected to reach 903  million units this year, compared with 141 million in 2003. In  terms of serial interface technology itself, it has the advantage of  reducing cable, improving data throughput, and improving crosstalk and  impedance matching problems. In  addition, people for the serial interface enthusiasm, but also can be  attributed in part to the leading chip and connector manufacturers to  vigorously promote. Intel recently introduced the 925X Express and 915G Express chipsets  are integrated SATA controller, supports four SATA ports .2SATA  connector market situation

4136760401_1230873283.jpgSome  of the SATA connector products that have been developed today support a  new generation of SATAII specifications for high-speed signals or offer  new options for connectors that meet 1.5Gbit / s SATA connector serial  data transfer rates and support 3.5Gbit / s The next generation of high-speed SATAII backplane interface speed. The  backplane connector is used for connection between the I / O controller  module in the server and the enterprise storage application and the  SATA connection disk backplane. The  use of SATA connectors in high-end systems is a more cost-effective  solution for applications where users do not need high reliability and  long uptime, and are more costly than Fiber Channel or Serial Attached  SCSI (SAS) Low,  SAS backplane connector can support both SAS and SATA connectors for  both storage drives, allowing users to customize the system as required,  and if they need backplane storage, they can use low-cost SATA  connector drivers And costly, high-performance SAS drives, which will depend on the specific application requirements.

4133299486_1230873283.jpgSATA  connectors can be directly bonded to the circuit board without welding,  the clamping part of the drilling diameter of only 0.6mm, so you can  save space to lay the circuit alignment. This connector can also be end-to-end stacking. The minimum order quantity is $ 0.13 per pair of contact pairs, and samples are available for up to 8 to 10 weeks. Extended the SATA connector product line, introduced a latching SATA cable and connector series. The new latch-up design is for SATA connector connections in PC storage applications. The  product is an extension of the existing SATA connector and cable  product line, they can also be used for server and network storage  market. Molex is working closely with the Serial ATA committee to incorporate latch-up SATA cable and connectors into the standard. Blocking  SATA connection cables and connectors support SATA interfaces for all  sizes of hard drives, including ATAPI devices such as CD and DVD drives,  tape devices, and high-capacity removable devices. Signal cable to take a straight line or right angle form, PC board signal plug with vertical or right angle SMT form.

(Sockets,  cable and cable combinations (signals, power supplies and kits), and  can provide a variety of connector configurations and custom cables by  length, or customized products according to customer specifications. The configuration of the socket and plug includes three forms of surface mount, through hole and pin. The  company said its next-generation SATA connector cable assemblies are  smaller in size and lower in size for space-constrained applications. Due to the small number of pins, with a reliable, thin cable and easy to bend, so particularly convenient wiring.
3SATA  connector application SATA connector, is widely used for solid state  hard drive, mobile hard disk, computer motherboard, adapter card, SATA  cable, LCD, telecommunications cards, memory, card readers, digital  cameras, MP3, PDA ,  LCD TV, switches, car alarm, video phones, cordless phones, set-top  boxes, hard disk recorders and various communications equipment products  superior products. 4SATA  connector development trend According to the well-known domestic SATA  connector manufacturers, "three thinking" official said, the current  mainstream SATA connector on the market specifications: 7P, 15P, 7 +15  P, 7 +6 P, ESATA connector 7P, etc. Five  series of products, the major connector manufacturers are innovation,  product design patterns more and more to meet the new needs of the  market development, the other and some less such as 6P, 7 +7 +2 P, 7 +7  +15P, etc. Series in the application of the product performance is also good. For  the ESATA connector on the market will gradually replace the SATA  connector rumors, the official said, the current market conditions,  ESATA connector in some ways it is difficult to replace in a short time,  it is possible SATA connector to connect The  device will move in the other direction, but there is no specific  description of what direction will be developed, we will wait and see,  expect SATA connector connector with each passing day.

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