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Micro USB3.0 Cable

Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Mar 01, 2017

MicroUSB3.0 HDD cable Features:

USB3.0 cable Compliant with RoHS Directive and UL approval;

And MicroUSB3.0 cabe with full speed 3.2Gbps, no need for external power to keep HDD driver working;
Supports standard USB3.0 interface, also USB2.0 etc device compliant;
Supports hot-plugging and Plug-and-play function;
Micro USB3.0 cable Supports OTG, HDD, SD reader, wireless card reader compliant; Applications: PCs, hub, MIDs, HDD and more.
This MicroUSB3.0 cable with high speed data transfer between HDD and PC, HUB with USB3.0 plug devices, save lots time for large file transfer. And work with more USB3.0 cable, , USB3.0 printer cable, USB3.0 extension cable for more business solutions. And all USB3.0 cable/adapter with one year manufacturer warranty, and more valuable price in Here!

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