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Knowledge of how to choose the right cable?

Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Jan 28, 2016

    Fake and inferior wire and cable producers in order to reap huge profits, regardless of theinterests of consumers, large quantities of poor quality wire and cable products, disruptedelectric wire and cable market, damage theinterests of users. Therefore, the correctchoice of cables and wires is very important,what products are in line with national standards?
Characteristics of the products, in line withnational standards
First, there is the "CCC" certification mark.Wire and cable products because life has a closerelationship with the consumers, its quality,security will directly affect the personal andproperty safety of consumers. Therefore, wireand cable products is a national compulsorysafety certification, all manufacturers of Chinaelectrical product certification boardcertification must be obtained "CCC"certification, obtained "CCC" certificationmark, in the certificate or product has the"CCC" certification mark.
Secondly, beautifully wrapped. Wire and cableproducts, packaging and other products, allproducts meet the national requirements ofmedium to large formal enterprises, theproduction of wires and cables is focused onproduct packaging.
Third, smooth round, uniform color. Productsconform to national requirements of the wire andcable business, in order to improve productquality, ensure products meet the national standard, in the purchase of raw materials,production equipment, production of strictly.Therefore, the production of wire and cableproducts meet the standard requirements: smooth,uniform color. Fake and inferior productappearance rough matte. Rubber insulation forflexible cables, require the round, sheathing,insulation, conductor close difficult to peel.Fake and inferior product appearance rough andlarge, oval, sheathing insulation low hands cantear.
The four conductors glossy, DC resistance,conductor dimensions are in line with national standards. In line with national standards forwire and cable products, whether aluminumconductors or copper conductors are relativelylight, oil-free, thus conductor DC resistance infull compliance with national standards, withgood conductivity and high security.

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