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IPhone8 to assists Type-C to accelerate the unified USB interface?

Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Mar 16, 2017

From the September Apple  conference has been getting closer, more and more news on the iPhone8,  probably in recent generations of the iPhone changes are very small, so  that the iPhone on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the launch  of the iPhone8 are filled Looking forward. According  to the news, Apple will start using the USB Type-C interface on the  iPhone, and Apple's own Lightning interface will be abandoned, the first  use of a USB Type-C interface, Apple's mobile phone is likely to be  launched in September this year The iPhone8.


Apple  MacBook Pro equipped with USB Type-C interface on the move, triggering a  lot of consumers Tucao, because it can not be directly connected with  the iPhone7, the two need to connect to connect, which is some  embarrassing. Apple  in the USB Type-C and Lightning between the inevitable choice, from the  current news to see Apple seems ready to cut off Lightning; but there  are news that Apple on the iPhone8, do not intend to cancel the  Lightning interface, but the other end of the data line USB Type-A interface into USB Type-C interface to improve transmission and charging performance. But only one end USB Type-A interface into USB Type-C, for consumers is not much significance. Apple  phone in the interface maverick for so many years did not see the  slightest change, if the new use of USB Type-C is really a bit  surprising, but from a series of Apple's point of view, the use of USB  Type-C may only Transition program, Apple's ultimate goal is to achieve a wireless  connection and transmission, AirPods is undoubtedly the most authentic  expression of Apple's ideas.

In  fact, when it comes to USB Type-C interface, although it can not be  said that has been popular, but now many Android mobile phone  manufacturers have introduced a new machine have begun to use this  interface, Apple's MacBook Pro has also been deployed USB Type-C Interface,  if the iPhone8 on the use of the Type-C interface, even for Apple is  just a transition program, but the use of USB Type-C interface, it  touches to better connect iPhone and MacBook Pro, and for consumers ,  If the Apple phone using USB Type-C interface may mean that Apple users  will only need to go out with a mobile phone charging line on it, and  for the industry, if the Apple phone also uses a USB Type-C interface, Then  you can speed up the entire mobile phone industry interface to the USB  Type-C interface conversion, speed up the Type-C unified USB interface  footsteps.

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