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How much is the USB interface voltage ?

Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Apr 22, 2016

      USB interface voltage is 5.0V, the current requirement is not more than 500ma. Actually power is limited to less than 2.5W of.
        1, VCC
        C = circuit represents the circuit means that the voltage of access circuit, in an electronic circuit, VCC is the supply voltage circuit
        CadenceVirtual Component Co-design, called VCC, it is the first to design IP reuse the industrial system-level HW / SW co-design platform development environment. Cadence VCC enables designers early in the design of the first generation of products and related product, you can check the HW / SW partitioning critical architecture. Cadence VCC supply chain through electronic communication and exchange of design information, provide the necessary framework for the system libraries, and SOC.
        2, GND
         USB interface voltage
        GND (Ground) 1. circuit diagrams and circuit board ground or on behalf of the 0 line .GND is common meaning, it can be said to be, but this is not the way to the true sense. Out of a hypothetical application, for power, it is a negative power supply. It is different with the earth. Sometimes it needs to be connected to the earth, and sometimes do not need to, depending on the body, according to the circumstances.
        2.USB on: VCC is the power access; GND ground; DP, DM is a differential signal; PORT-, PORT + data is negative, a positive signal.

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