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High temperature resistant cables by which consist of?

Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Jan 28, 2016

You have to ask the structure of heat-resistance cable? Wire cable by several layer composition General is not fixed of, to see actual of using needs, 2 layer of also has, 5, and 6 layer of also not rare, General are is by four layer composition of: 1 nursing sets layer: excellent of mechanical performance, can tolerance more high strength of metal impact, and cutting, has very high of tensile strength, also can tolerance long-term of repeat bent folding. 2 shield: fine metal materials on the one hand to smoothly export interference signal, very fine wire must have sufficient ability to resist bending to avoid metal debris interfere with other electrical equipment. 3 wrap: winding tape is a selection of polymer materials, shielding network was intended mainly to prevent injury and insulation. Enhance overall mechanical properties of electric cables. 4 insulation: has, and the cable sheath is the physical and chemical properties, oil-resistant and temperature-resistant shield layer of the same. In small environments, therefore sometimes removing sheath, shield networks and wrap separately when the wire used.

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