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HDMI, VGA, DVI, DP, MINI DP, AV and other audio-visual equipment Interface Specification

Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: May 14, 2016

HDMI, VGA, DVI, DP, MINI DP, AV and other audio-visual equipment Interface Specification

In recent years the development of audio-visual equipment is very fast, high-definition player, network player, Blu-ray player, 3D player and so endless. No matter how functional changes in audio-visual equipment, and its fundamental purpose is to better serve people, to meet people's needs. New features, new interface features in the audio-visual products can not meet the people's entertainment time came into being. When the old-fashioned as "RCA" 1080P HD entertainment can not meet the standard, a new generation took over the HDMI interface will be the task of high-definition video transmission. This article describes several common parameters detailed video and audio interfaces.

1.HDMI Interface

Common HDMI interface has three categories, as illustrated.
1. HDMI A TYPE: HDMI interface standard, width 15MM, height of about 5MM;
2.HDMI C TYPE: Mini HDMI Interface, width 10.5MM, height of about 2.5MM;
3.HDMI D TYPE: Micro HDMI interface width 6MM, height of about 2.3MM, mobile phones and other digital devices high-definition interface.

2.DP / DVI interfaces

1.Standard DP interface: width 17MM, height of about 6.3MM;
2.DVI-D interfaces: DVI 24 + 1 interfaces, width 24MM, height of about 7.8MM, DVI-D can only transmit digital signals;
3.DVI-I interfaces: DVI 24 + 5 port, width 24MM, height of about 7.8MM, DVI-I can transmit digital and analog signals can be used for digital to analog conversion DVI to VGA.

3. Apple Series Interface

Apple serial interface is divided into three types, pictured above.
1.Mini DP Interface: width 7.6MM, height of about 4.6MM. Mini DP interface is the DP interface protocol, system conversion;

2.ThunderBolt: Lightning interface width 7.6MM, height of about 4.6MM. Green United Mini DP interfaces perfectly compatible with lightning interfaces;
3.Mini DVI Interface: width 11.3MM, height of about 7MM.

4.VGA AV analog interface

1.VGA Interface: standard VGA female connector 15 pinhole, width 15.8MM, height of about 7.8MM;

2.AV composite video interface: marked red and white and yellow, red and white left and right channel audio transmission, video transmission yellow brightness and color difference signals, so called composite;                                                                                                       

3.Component interfaces: Y / Pb / Pr. Green line (Y), the luminance signal transmission, blue and red line (Pb and Pr) is the color difference signal transmission;

5.DB Interface

D-type interface is a common data interface on the computer, because shaped like the letter D, therefore named.
1. DB9: width 18MM, height of about 9MM, ie, a serial communication interface RS232 DB9 pin connector;
2. DB25: width 38MM, height about 8MM, parallel printer LPT 25 holes --DB25

3. DB36: width 50MM, height of about 13MM, 36-pin parallel printer

6.Audio Interface Series

7.USB Interface

USB 2.0 Common Interface: standard USB interface, Mini USB interfaces, Micro USB interfaces;
USB 3.0 common interface: standard USB 3.0 interface, Micro USB 3.0 interface.

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