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Electronic connector pin applications and purchase reference

Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Jul 14, 2016

Shenzhen STC Electronic, Connector important member introduction here under - pin (Pin Header), the role is: the connecting and transmitting power or signals. Because of its wide range of electronic, electrical, instrumentation in the PCB circuit board applications, show themselves great value.

First, the production and use pin connector Examples are the following:
1: I / O (input and output) connector
2: storage interconnect
3: interface Interface (PCB board)
4: Backplane connector
5: cable (such as product details visible: Cable & crimp connector)
6: Memory Card
7: Wire-to-board (Panel) Connectors
8: IC socket
9: Wire to Wire Connector
10: cable assembly

Second, the electronic connector manufacturer teach you how to distinguish the quality of the connector pin? From the following considerations
       ① pin practicality
Clarify the respective pin of performance, different pin have different properties, but most of the pin is not cross-use, which will directly affect the quality of the product.
② Pin see the use of the environment
Pin the environment is very important, especially in the special circumstances under which the work of the pin, and some need high temperatures, some need moisture, and some need to shock and impact resistance and the like.
        Currently, the connector manufacturer introduces connector pin row mother usually associated with supporting the use of electronic wiring harness terminal supporting the use, it can also be used independently. Common is constituted board to board connectors; board-to-wire connection. On one level, the connector pin, though unlikely, it plays a key role in the bridge connection.

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