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Considerations for cable conductor preheating

Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Jan 28, 2016

Wires and cables are everywhere in our lives, wires and conductors of cables often encountered in the production process we need to warm up, but causes of conductor preheating and setting of process parameters to know enough, then, the following small series to introduce the wires and cables of conductor preheating note.
1, under the prerequisite of ensuring the stabilization, preheater and head as close as possible to avoid heat loss;
2, UL wire, on the tensile strength of insulation required, first arrange for physical and mechanical properties of the test;
3, when the moisture on the surface of the conductor is more serious, before entering the preheater should be clean, avoiding oxidation and conductor spots;
4, production and commissioning, break and other exception handling, should focus on the preheating temperature changes; need to temporarily turn off the heater if necessary;
5, preheating temperature is too high, will cause the filling fiber and carbonization, causing tensile strength decrease, please check;
6, induction preheating for bare conductors, insulated wire is invalid;
7, when a cable was brought out the need for some adhesion requirements, insulated and adhesion should be slightly larger than adhesion, preheat temperature setting to check adhesion to guidelines;
8, for the Elimination of moisture for the purpose of warming up, try the dry fill material.

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