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What is the OTG date cables?

Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer | Updated: Mar 13, 2017

OTG is mainly used in a variety of different devices or mobile devices between the connection, the data exchange. USB technology, so that computers and peripheral mobile devices can be a simple USB connection to transfer a variety of data. This  will lead to a situation, mobile phone or tablet computer without a  computer, we can not manage mobile phones and other mobile device data,  so to the user to bring the inconvenience. With mobile phones and other mobile devices more and more like a computer, can we imagine, you can use the phone as a computer? Mobile phone can also connect U disk, USB card and so on? The  answer is yes, OTG function is to achieve the phone and U disk and  other USB devices can be connected, but the phone is a small USB  interface, can not meet the U disk and other USB interface needs, so OTG  data line came into being


OTG role, that is, in the absence of a computer case, to achieve the data transfer between mobile devices. As  with a single line connection of two mobile devices, the OTG line can  connect the device directly for data transfer and printing. Do not need to bring a memory card or computer to send. The  most common is the mobile phone through the OTG line connected U disk  and other USB devices, thus extending the mobile device function.

OTG data line classification

General  OTG line is divided into two, one is needed to connect to the power  supply, there is a need not connect the power supply, but their function  is the same, are generally used as a USB external device, such as  printers, Cameras and other equipment. For example, for example, our phone supports OTG function, but we want to play U disk movies or music how to do? General  users can only U disk files transferred to the phone through the  computer to play, but as long as through the OTG data cable, we can  directly achieve the phone on the U disk file.


Usually we say OTG line  refers to the OTG data line, its function is to achieve non-computer  mobile devices other than the direct connection to each other, for  today's smart phones and Tablet PC are very popular and practical. Through  the OTG data cable, we can directly let the phone to connect U disk or  other USB devices, greatly aspects of the user to use, OTG line is the b

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