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Shenzhen STC Electronic Co.,LTD

STC is a Chinese Electronic peripheral cable and cable assembly manufacturer. We specialize in full Electronic cables and offer complete Design, Engineering and Manufacturing services to worldwide.

Our objective is to provide high quality products and services, delivered on time at a competitive price. This is accomplished  through our willingness to meet customer requirements .Our quality initiatives provide for continuous improvement every day in all disciplines of our organization. This has allowed us to retain customers.

Markets Served
STC  services a diverse customer base in all markets. Some of the common markets served are:
● Electronic Equipment

● PCB Component cables

● IOT product cables

● Industry Electronic Components & Accessories cables

● Test and Measurement

● Medical

● Networking & Telecommunications

● Storage Products

● Automation Equipment

● Automotive

● Lighting

● Household Device

Manufacturing Process
Our manufacturing processes are created prior to building you're Production. This guarantees quality workmanship and repeatability from prototypes thru volume production.

STC is a custom molded cable assembly manufacturer supplying OEM's with custom molded cable assemblies.

Our expertise is manufacturing specialized custom cable assemblies for a wide variety of industries, including industrial cable assemblies, electrical harnesses, military and aerospace cable assemblies, camera link cables, high frequency high speed cables, and medical and robotic assemblies.

STC was founded in 2008 in Guangdong, China. Over the past years, we got a rapid progress. Now we have a young team for product development .Due to our consistent growth, we purchased Automation equipments to meet customer's quality.

STC manufactures custom cable assemblies and standard cable assemblies at our full-service facility in Shenzhen China.

Shenzhen STC Cable Manufacturer
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